Friday, February 20, 2004

all around tinseltown

First there was Guy Pearce in Memento, a notable, solid performance. Then there was lovable Dory in Finding Nemo. Now Drew Barrymore is going the short-term-memory-loss route with what Adam Sandler hopes are hilarious results in 50 First Dates. I haven't seen this movie yet, although based on the schedule that G-boy gave me, it should be showing here pretty soon. However, this follow-up teaming of the newly married Sandler and the ever-cute Drew doesn't seem appealing, unlike the popular Wedding Singer pair-up. Maybe it had to do with the 80s songs, and then I know so many people who (still) have "I Wanna Grow Old With You" as their ringtone. They're gonna have a hard time coming up with anything cuter than that whole Julia Guglia thing...!

E! Online (just one of my guilty pleasure sites) has a way for the common person to copy Trista and Ryan's nuptials. Of course it's a joke, silly! I particularly like the way they said you can emulate the 30-million viewership: have a car chase with your local police. Haha. More here.

Jennifer Coolidge, she to whom Reese taught the bend-and-snap in Legally Blonde, is said to be seething (ask Ted Casablanca of E! Online) because she's been asked to portray the mother of Nicolette Sheridan (yes, she of Knots Landing bitch fame), and she's younger than Nicolette! Additional poundage really does add years to people's perception of your weight. I myself was quite surprised that Coolidge was younger than Sheridan. Sheridan's listed birthyear is 1963, making her 41. But yeah, I don't think that the Legally Blonde manicurist (nail specialist) could be mother to someone that old. However, Angela Lansbury (Ms. Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote) was portraying mothers of people older than she was for most her life. She said she's always looked older than her age. Like Lindsay Davenport, I guess. And Lansbury used it to her advantage anyway by being able to co-star on quite a few movies. After all, you're not really older, just acting older... right?

Hmmm came across a cute face, Wentworth Miller. Co-starred as the young Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain with Nicole Kidman, and as Dr. Adam in Underworld. Obviously I haven't watched my dread pirate copy of Underworld yet, or else I would have noticed him. And the clincher? Guest-starred on Buffy, season 2. Bravissima!

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