Saturday, July 03, 2004


This is the first time that I've gotten to sit down and write a longish blog. I've updated the other one, though, but those didn't require much thought (commentary on the latest episodes of Buffy and Law and Order, not to mention Go. Have just finished a Choco Peanut ice cream bar (Selecta), after observing that it's hard to type when you're eating ice cream on a stick.

It didn't exactly rain cats and dogs, and thankfully it didn't flood, but the strong winds brought by Igme still lifted skirts and carried away umbrellas. It seemed to want to watch Gloria get sworn in.

Dad almost met a fatal accident at the height of Igme, after dropping Mommy off at her office at Roxas Blvd. A smoking Meralco post fell on a spot that the car had just been in a split second before. If Dad had been going about 10kph slower, he reckons, the post would definitely have hit the car. We offered thanksgiving Mass in the afternoon.

one of my idols gone bonkers?
Apparently, Ray Bradbury has gone a little bit crazy, criticizing Michael Moore for using a variant of his novel Fahrenheit 451 in his documentary work Fahrenheit 9/11. Mr. Bradbury can't spot an homage when he sees one? Or maybe the author of such compelling stories as The Martian Chronicles is staunchly right-wing? Well at least Mr. Bradbury skimmed his titles off works by dead authors (I Sing The Body Electric, Something Wicked This Way Comes, etc.).

a legend passes
Apparently, Marlon Brando has died. I first saw him as Jor-El, Superman's father. It was a few years before I was able to see The Godfather, and later I watched his chilling performance in A Streetcar Named Desire. Having not watched On the Waterfront, I still think that he was a great actor. His life plays like Citizen Kane or something; but despite the scandal, the obesity and bankrupcy later in life, the public will always remember Brando, he of the white tee and sculpted body, as well as of the jowls and unintelligible Italian, as a legend.

why it's been a whirl
Aside from the problematic payroll (for which the shit hasn't hit the fan yet), we've been busy with preparations for the CEO's birthday. As head of the committee that organizes all the extra-curricular stuff for the staff, I've been quite busy. And all for the love of slavedrivers. Teehee. Today we are editing the greeting video, which is why I am at work on a Saturday but not getting paid for it. Anyway, FinalCutPro works like a dream, at least in the able hands of our Marketing dude. She Loves You by The Beatles is ringing in my head--we have reworked the lyrics and made a pseudo-MTV. Am almost catatonic now.

Last Song Syndrome : She Loves You - The Beatles

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