Friday, July 09, 2004


Contrary to what I espoused as a highschooler at the blue-and-white, I've grown up to basically live a life of apathy and self-absorption. It's hard, though, when you hear news items like the Filipino hostage situation in Iraq, and hear their relatives speaking on the news. You forget all about commenting on David Bowie recovering from heart surgery, or Angelina Jolie's new boyfriend, or even how Ethan Hawke's troubled married life influenced the Before Sunset script.

However you try to avoid the war--relegating it to mere international quabbles in which you have no interest--it seems to be able to find you. The hostage, Angelo dela Cruz, was just doing his job when they took him, and, it's suspected, three other Filipinos. Said terrorists are demanding the removal of Filipino peace-keeping forces in Iraq. Well props to our peace-keeping team! I didn't know they made that much of an impression in the Iraqi situation!

Seriously though, Mr. dela Cruz has a family--eight kids to be exact--and numerous relatives who will be adversely affected by his death. But terrorists don't care about that, do they? I still maintain that if people thought about these things, if they maintained a certain degree of sympathy and consideration, the world would be a better place. From the little that I've been exposed to of the Quran, I gathered that Allah was benevolent and peace-loving. So why is it that some of the most violent and seemingly inconsiderate people seem to be practicing Islam? This is not to disparage Moslems in general--which would include a couple of my relatives--it's just a question. Ask me again later, I probably won't care. But what I care about right now is that Mr. dela Cruz could have been any of my uncles and cousins ten years ago; he could have been Tere's father just a couple of years ago. And we didn't care about that beheaded American... how close to home does it have to hit for us to be affected?

Sigh. I'm talking in circles, wishing for world peace when it's so hard to attain.

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