Friday, July 09, 2004

jologs time

Various things seen/heard on ABS-CBN:

Sana'y Walang Nang Wakas is on its homestretch, and, cashing in on the text polls previously used by "talent shows" like Star Circle Quest, it is said to be the first telenovela/teleserye that will let the fans decide who will get married in the final episode. I'm sure that they've filmed various endings (similar to, say, the Who Shot JR? arc on Dallas). The build-up is tremendous--and I would actually be more concerned about how many people will text in. As people in the know in jologs circles would comment, the Jericho Rosales/Kristine Hermosa tandem seems to be on its last legs, not helped by the rumored pregnancy of Kristine by a network exec, the Jericho-Cindy Kurleto relationship, and the last Kristine-Aga movie. (Note that Aga does not need a surname. Not in the RP he doesn't.) However, among the couple combinations, I still think that this coupling is still one with the most oomph and the most fans. And that's my fearless forecast. It's still Kristine-Echo on the way to the altar. Teehee. Feeling "insider".

On Magandang Umaga Bayan (a.k.a. M.U.B.) this morning, the children's health segment said that parents should be concerned when children with colds exhibit a fever temperature of 100 to 102 degrees Celsius. They bloody well should, that's the boiling temperature of water! Their children would be dead by then! Hey researcher/reporter dudes... I think you meant Fahrenheit. Just a thought.

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Last Song Syndrome : DV - Cambio (is v. catchy for a Pinoy)

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