Thursday, July 08, 2004


Watched the first episode of The Amazing Race for this season as well as a delayed telecast of CSI.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, Jonathan Storm of Knight Ridder writes that falsity abounds in most 'reality' shows. Well, duh. I could have told you that right on the first season of The Bachelor. People do act differently when a camera is trained on them, just watch EdTV. However, it gets really entertaining at times, which is why the reality genre is quite compelling. Why do I watch reality TV? I like the twists and turns and the manipulation and the surprises. It was worth it watching Trista choose Ryan over that other guy; Boston Rob slither his way through the Survivor All-Star season; gay couple Chip and Reichen win the Amazing Race; and Erin decide to choose the money over Rob (and consequently, split the money with Chad V. when he chooses her over the money). Reality TV sometimes makes you bash in someone's head--maybe even your own for deciding to watch it. Sometimes though, it's a telling observation on human nature and psychology. The thing is, just like regular TV, you just have to choose what to watch. Unfortunately here in the RP, the foreign shows get chosen for us, and the local shows are all just copies of the foreign shows. Egad.

Last Song Syndrome : I Will Be Here - unknown male 'balladeer'

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