Wednesday, July 07, 2004

back to reality

CEO's birthday celebration is finally over and done with; and the past few weeks' worth of extra time and effort culminated in a more-than-satisfactory gathering that had a dance number, a song number, a music video, said music video's bloopers, and a sax player who looked like Z. (promise! only a little older) Was thoroughly harassed in the afternoon although it was well worth it. I don't know, I like doing things like that, being the coordinator or something. Although I would be deathly scared of coordinating a wedding, for example. I guess maybe I just like being in control. I also liked that people congratulated me for a job well done--yes, attention-hound here. Especially if it's the cute officer from this certain department. Unfortunately, married with children. Oh well.

So now that it's done, it's back to reality, and loads of work that was overlooked in the preparations. So I have three access lists to complete by Friday, three system tests, two sets of system requirements, various problem logs--wonderful.

They say that when you have been doing something for 30 days, then it is already a habit. Does it also work for not doing something? I've gone 45 days without nicotine now. That's one and a half months and 150% the habit-forming period. I thought that I was going to relapse, though. It was really bad. Tall mestizo dude was smoking Gudang at the back of the office when we went out this lunch time. Inhaled smoke, delicious. What more if you were smoking it! But of course I was able to restrain myself. (It helped that I didn't know the Gudang Garam smoker dude. Or else I might just have asked for a stick.) The challenge is, actually, trying to stop the oral fixation. No success there, unfortunately. Am hooked on lollipops with bubblegum centers right now. Bad bad bad. At least am not smoking!

another farewell
Main Tech Dude is leaving the company. Finally one of the "pillars" of the department that I've grown to love is leaving. Actually there's been quite a turnover the past few months--we've lost our Recruitment Head, our Internal Auditor, and now our Tech Services head man. There's something to be said about a company that doesn't seem to keep all these key people. I don't see people lining up to get out of more stable and apparently better paid multinational companies. It confirms that I am making the right decision. Maybe not this year like initially planned, but soon. Maybe after I finish the supposed graduate studies (which I am not doing, by the way).

strange dreams
Had a strange dream about N.'s frat last night. Apparently I was flirting with a boy who turned out to be a member. Distubing thought: if said boy were a member then he'd still be in college. Way past that, I should be. Anyway, said boy brought me to a gimmick, and N. was there along with the rest of the 'gang'. A lot of familiar faces, but I can't remember anymore. I don't know why I suddenly dreamt about X frat right now. Suffice to say I haven't been thinking about them anyway. I figure the days of witnessing rumbles at McDo and head-bashing with pipes while entering the gate are past me. That frat loved me, though. I think I dated around four "brothers", one of them N., with whom I had a so-called relationship for a little more than two years. I sure hope this isn't a premonition like a Slayer's dreams (thankfully am not a Slayer). I don't want anything to do with them right now. My life's quite satisfactorily topsy-turvy the way it is now, without the complications from any of their activities. Bitchy much?

six feet under
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Last Song Syndrome : Honey - Mariah Carey (office radio again!)

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