Monday, July 26, 2004

the things i do for stingyco

Hmmm. I think that's the best I can do right now to describe the parsimonious company which happens to be my employer. Let's recap my weekend, shall we? There is a rushed project, among other things.

0800h - 1800h : Regular working day
1800h - 1930h : Checked out Tavern in Greenbelt 3, possible Christmas party venue
1930h - 2100h : Dinner meeting with fellow committee members in Cascada
2100h - 2200h : Ice Cream at FIC, still discussing Christmas party venues
2230h : Home Sweet Home. The trials are yet to come.

0800h - 0930h : Started working
0930h - 1130h : Meeting on coming bowling tournament
1130h - 1245h : Back to work
1245h - 1400h : Fire alarms were being tested so we head out for lunch
1400h - 1700h : So-called work
1700h - 1730h : Take a break and visit the security dogs at the top floor. Nice view.
1730h - 2400h : So-called work

0000h - 0100h : So-called work, milestone reached
0100h - 0200h : Home to take catnap and shower
0200h - 0230h : Near-brush with the law (took a left where I shouldn't, how was I supposed to know a squad car was there!), D./co-conspirator fetches me from parking because it is already dark, and, you know, 2am (parking is now outside the building)
0230h - 0430h : More so-called work
0440h : Home Sweet Home; I get home faster than it takes the other people in the team to walk to the condotel owned by StingyCo where they will spend what's left of the night

0500h - 0745h : Non-refreshing sleep
0745h : Sir M. starts waking people up with texts and calls
0900h - 2100h : More so-called work
2130h : Home! But zeester#1 and the boyfriend are still watching The Usual Suspects, so I don't get to sleep until
2230h : Finally get to sleep.

What fun!

Last Song Syndrome : Woman - Maroon5
If I should ever draw a picture of a woman
It is you that would come flowing from my pen

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