Sunday, July 04, 2004

knowing is half the battle

G.I. Joe fans are battling for the toy’s place at the National Toy Hall of Fame alongside Barbie, Silly Putty and Mr. Potato Head. Although Joe is 40 years old, it was catapulted to fame when the TV series came about. I remember watching G.I. Joe in grade school and hearing “Yo, Joe!” for the first time. It helped shape my childhood—the guys who were always on the right side of the law, who vigilantly defended the world from that era’s version of terrorists. My friend Mike, who has too many G.I. Joes to count, even after disposal of quite a number, would be delighted.

star-spangled banner
Today the United States of America celebrates its independence. I’ve always been a fan of the US, if only for its claim to be the land of opportunity. Lots of my relatives live there, and since I’m such a Hollywood freak and since the Buffyverse was generally conceptualized in the US, it can’t be all that bad. I’d hate to be in America’s shoes, though, being the bastion of democracy and the vanguard of the assault on terrorism. This Fourth of July, though, probably less Americans than ever will be proud to be citizens of the US under President Bush. (I hear you, incendiary rants of Michael Moore!)

a new darling comes of age
Sharapova has beaten Serena. Doing what Anna Kournikova could not do, Maria Sharapova, tall, lithe, lissome, has won a Grand Slam, breaking the Williams' sisters four-year hold on Wimbledon. And did I mention she's pretty? Even before her Grand Slam-wining ways, Sharapova has already been a darling of the crowd and even has a modelling contract. This girl has everything, and the good thing about it is that she knows she owes it to her father, who gave up everything and started waiting tables to be able to help his tennis prodigy get the best training. Good going Maria, and dad!

spiderman shmyderman
So, yeah. I still haven’t seen Spider-man 2. Rather than say that the fates are against it resulting in my not being able to watch, I think I’d rather chalk it up to the fact that I’m not really that interested. I will watch though, eventually. Right now, I’ve work to do, and the last episode of Buffy to imbibe. Cheers.

Last Song Syndrome : The King of the Golden Hall - LoTR: Two Towers OST

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