Saturday, January 24, 2004

walking around

I parked far from the office because I didn't want to pay for parking. I'm going to stay here almost the whole day and it's going to cost me PhP100 again--I don't think so. Anyway, on my walk to the office I saw a peculiar thing on the sidewalk--an unused orange condom. Quite interesting actually. It was on the sidewalk near the from of the BDO branch on Alfaro. Actually I had never seen a colored prophylactic before--the ones that we blew up during one particularly rowdy bridal shower were all white. So there. That was a first.

Walked back to the car because I went to Greenbelt for a while in the morning. I had to get this receipt that we had left last week--or else I wouldn't be able to reimburse the PhP1350 that I paid for dessert one time at Bubba Gump. At the same time I had digital pictures printed at the Konica kiosk at the skywalk going to Greenbelt 4. Quite interesting. Their handling fee is fixed regardless of the number of pictures and since I had 47 pictures printed, I think it was worth going there for. Also it only took an hour, compared to the shops here near the office

The sale at Powerbooks was calling me... but of course since I don't have any of my credit cards, I was quite powerless. [Nice title--Powerless at Powerbooks] I was able to resist the temptation to buy the History of Lord of the Rings (Christopher Tolkien's annotated version of his father's LoTR trilogy), JLA Riddle of the Beast graphic novel (I saw the hardbound one and I wanted it! this one would be alright at 20% off), and a whole lot of other books that were calling my name (books are always calling my name). Am seriously thinking of selling my Griffin and Sabine boxed set to finance the LoTR history... I wonder which is more collectible.

Didn't go in the Nike store, it was on sale and I might regret buying my new shoes... Passed by I AM also along the walkway, quite high-end shoes but they didn't look good, I wonder why. Maybe it was also the lighting of the place, it looked so drab. Went into Montage, there was a treasure trove of stuff there too. I think it's also owned by the same people who own Fully Booked and Sketchbooks because I saw some stuff there that was also in Fully Booked and Sketchbooks. There were also (what I believed to be) rare CDs, mostly classical, blues and new age; jewelry; and some expensive magnetic games. But there's more... there were original drawing of comic books (G! will have to tell me what they are called), although from comics that I didn't really have any feel for... and there were lightsabers!!! Original signed ones. Wow. Count Dooku's, Darth Maul's and an old Darth Vader. Kewl.

Oh well. Nothing to buy. Good. Got the pictures, the receipt, and then went back to the office. The orange condom was still there. Was able to parallel park quite well, thank you. I think I'm getting the hang of how much angle there should be. I think I should walk around more, if only I weren't scared of getting mugged.

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