Friday, January 16, 2004

oh yeah

Passed by the dread pirate den.
Lotsa people.

Some guy was looking for Buffy DVDs. Oh well. I want the originals which have all the special features. But that's going to cost me my trip to Bacolod, which I'm not ready to pass up.

I did manage however to score copies of
  • Love Actually (very bad copy, and I couldn't understand Martine McCutcheon (?), the love interest of Hugh Grant) - Billy Bob Thornton makes a cameo and did I say I loved Colin Firth! (I love Colin Firth!)
  • Big Fish - ah Ewan. And what seems to be a promising story from Tim Burton.
  • The Cat in the Hat - will never watch this is the moviehouse but want to see how Dakota Fanning and that boy from The Kid (little Bruce Willis) look like now; also anything with Kelly Preston is eye candy... sigh lesbian tendencies showing...
  • Harry Potter 1 and 2 - for my little sister who doesn't get to watch movies
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Underworld - finally a clear copy
  • Kill Bill vol. 1
  • audio CD of Everything But the Girl which has the acoustic covers of Time After Time and Love is Strange in the same disc, not to mention the staples like Old Friends, Driving and of course Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love--now this is worth everything I spent there that day

I now have about a hundred pieces of DVD contraband from the dread pirate dens. (Roughly 8,000 bucks--I could have bought originals of two seasons of Buffy.) I still maintain though that I will watch the films I feel are worthy at the theaters. Which is why I've watched Return of the King twice (and going on three) and am waiting for The Last Samurai, Mona Lisa Smile, and maybe Gothika.

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