Monday, January 26, 2004


Saw D.'s recent (as in about five weeks) ex, G. at the mall. With another guy. Nosey person that I am, texted D. that I saw her. But I didn't say with a guy. He asked. So I said yes. He asked what the guy looked like, etc. To the point of CALLING. Was actually excited because I thought it was AB calling (they're in the same "caller group"), but it was D. asking MORE QUESTIONS!

At least I know that however nonchalant he acts hereabouts and whatever moves he's making on K., he's still truly and utterly affected by their breakup... maybe more than he dares to admit. Oh well. Of course this always goes against my wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve philosophy, but of course there's the fact that he's a guy after all, not to mention I'm supposed to be able to keep my emotions in check.

But then, what's wrong with being affected? Your being with a person for years, then suddenly, they're out of your life... that's quite painful and more often than not, it'll take more than five weeks, sometimes more than half a year, for you to get over the thought of losing them. Even if, actually, you've gotten over THEM. Just not gotten over the thought of being alone. Again. Naturally.

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