Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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Forgot to un-tick the "Show Pictures" box in Internet Explorer after surfing a photo site. I have to NOT show pictures so that it isn't very obvious that I'm surfing the web during office hours (bad bad bad!)...


Have only PhP100 in my wallet (good thing D. paid me for the gifts of J&J). Payday is on Friday yet. Have to call in all receivables within the next two days, about PhP600 worth. I don't want to touch any money I've set aside. I still have to pay for all the affidavits of loss and the card replacement fees (argh!!!).


I like those Mars rovers. Call me a sucker for anything interplanetary but it's so exciting. I know interplanetary travel won't occur in my lifetime... but who knows... maybe in my next... Hehe.


I don't know if this is a legal copy but there's a copy of a Willow and Tara comic book on the web here. It's a very simplistic story. But it's still Willow and Tara. Oh well.


Am currently reading London by Edward Rutherford. I read his Sarum a few months back. I have this thing for epic sagas about places in England right now--am entranced by their history and culture. Maybe because it was so well-documented, and maybe because they really were a great empire and (are) a great people.


and then of course, I couldn't resist:
the Golden Globe commentary

What can I say. RoTK won! (news here) I hope the winning ways continue all the way to the Oscars. I do love Tolkien and I love that his work placed in Peter Jackson's able hobbit hands has been recognized so. I hope that more people will read the Lord of the Rings and share in that wonderful experience that I went through twelve years ago, and will undertake again in the near future (yes, it's on my reading list).

Have to go get Lost in Translation at the dread pirate den. Am quite intrigued by Sofia Coppola's tale. Props to the Angels in America cast. I wasn't able to catch the run here staged by Monique Wilson and company; I definitely won't miss the miniseries--I mean, hello! Streep and Pacino! And Emma Thompson. Whoopee! It was quite a good awards ceremony... I think a lot of deserving people won. Although I felt bad for the ending series Friends and Sex and the City, they were shut out except for Sarah Jessica Parker's award.

Charlize Theron was such a vision, and so cute in her acceptance speech. Al P. sounded drunk (there *was* free-flowing champagne after all). And I'm glad that Sean Penn won. Clint Eastwood accepted for him and said that Sean Penn was consistently good, which is why he was constantly overlooked. Oh yeah, I do want to watch Mystic River. Alvin was telling me to come watch with him before but I couldn't really. Ah, thank goodness (-or is it thank crime?) that there are dread pirate dens.

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