Friday, January 16, 2004

get thee behind me Murphy!

Take a forgotten cellphone, a busted PC, a cranky internet connection, three meetings thrust upon me and a deadline for a first endeavor for a specific magazine with people I'm trying to impress. Fabulous.

Am now at an internet café sending out an article that was supposed to have been sent out last Tuesday. Unfortunately that day I had forgotten my cellphone at home. I didn't know that I had to resend it and the person's email address was in my cellphone. Tuesday to Thursday: an aggregate of sixteen hours at meetings! Egad!

Was also waiting for my contact for my corporate article, but LS (managing ed) said send the first one anyway. The ISP at work is offline. BRILLIANT! (Notice this is my first blog in days too.)

Okay I will send from the house. Ahahahaha. PC is acting up. SCORE! Murphy's Law does it again!

I decide to sleep it off. So here I am now with a throbbing headache playing hooky tyring to salvage what little reputation I have left with LS and T., who recommended me to LS. Egad is the word.

At least I smell good. Escada Sexy Graffiti. Hehe.

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