Wednesday, January 07, 2004


So many things pending, so much to do, so little time for blogging! Haha!

Delivered my speech for the Employee of the Year awarding. Voice was quivering because I hadn't spoken in public for a long time. I said I was just doing my job, the heck. Hehe. Quoted Churchill: "I am an optimist. There's not much sense in being anything else." Apparently a lot of people like Churchill here at the office. Either that or they're all pulling my leg that they liked my speech.

Things with co-conspirator have come to a head. I told his good friend (G.F.)about it and G.F. (who is also my good friend and confidante) felt betrayed. That was some can of worms I opened up. Co-conspirator is now acting cool towards me even if G.F. didn't tell him that I was the one who told him. I think I've wrecked a pretty good friendship although I think it was already headed there beginning that night with the hangover.

Apparently boys are not worth crying over. Makes me feel stupid for all that crying I've been doing the past seven years.

I've found that if you pop some microwave popcorn (Jolly Time Butterlicious) in the pantry, three-fourths of the floor can smell it.

Am attending the christening of my twelfth godchild on Sunday. Gadzooks I feel old. My oldest godchild is thirteen this year.

I still have not found time to write about Return of the King even if I've watched it last Dec. 17 yet. Been quite happy gloating about watching the first screening to everyone who hasn't watched it yet though. Woohoo!

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