Wednesday, December 17, 2003

work is going to kill me

It may be a long aftermath of those all-nighters last May to June. Or a manifestation of my general disgruntlement at work, and perhaps with the rest of my life as well. Lately I've been having quite frequent fever, headache, nausea and stomach pains. I know it's probably psychosomatic but it still signifies that there's something wrong, right. Oh well. Here's to my mental health--it's steadily degrading.

The only reason I went to work today was to have my performance appraisal. Let's just say a was .06 points short of the highest mark. Aw. My boss still thinks highly of me, at least. Despite my having a messy desk and not wearing my uniform. I just hope this translates to a significant raise next year. Is that too much to hope for? After all our company is known to be p-r-e-t-t-y stingy.

1 minute
I missed the cutoff for parking by 1 minute. I came it at 9:17 and was going to leave at 12:18. So I was going to be charged for the next hour already. Grrr! That sucks. They should have a grace period or something. It's just a tad unfair: when I have to pay (and not just parking), each fraction of an hour is considered a full hour; but when you go on overtime, you have to complete the requisite number of hours (not just a fraction of the hour) to qualify for OT. Tsk tsk. Of course I know that's how the world works. But it still sucks. That's why I'm here typing this up... going to make use of that extra hour.

Been watching the first season of The Sopranos, Nin borrowed her friend's DVDs. Disturbing, but entertaining. Goodfellas with quirks and lots of boobs. The story of The Godfather was much grander but in the same vein as Six Feet Under, HBO has created another darkly comic series that succeeds in catching your attention and holding it quite well.

I also like the fact that Lorraine Bracco plays the clueless (? or is she?) shrink to whom Tony Soprano goes for therapy. Funny, because she was the wife of mobster Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. Fine. I live for concurrences like these.

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