Monday, December 15, 2003

the beginning and end of detox

I decided to do some light detox after a weekend of binging. Okay so it's actually been a couple of weeks of binging (since the Christmas season set in) and it's definitely going to take more than a couple of days' worth of detox to counteract that. Anyway I decided to go on a detox diet. I was ready--this morning I only had tuna in brine, a banana and 1/4 of a melon. I brought my own food for office: another 1/4 of the melon, and an apple.

At around 11am I was going great: I'd drunk three glasses of water and had some melon. And I wasn't really hungry. Only lunch time came. Was ready to eat the apple (and just the apple for lunch) and then Boss R. offered me a homemade fajita. Yum! Grrr. Detox is set aside for the time being. Or is it still applicable to have just detox breakfasts and dinners and not lunches? In any case, since I had already had a fajita, I pounced on a choco mallow that M. had brought as well. I'll have the melon later, I promise.

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