Wednesday, December 03, 2003


Office blessing was today. It's similar to a house blessing and if you don't know how a house blessing goes in the Phils, well... there's a priest who prays over the place, people are holding candles, the priest goes all around anointing the place with holy water, and then the homeowners (in our case the directors) throw candy and coins around and people jostle to get them. Relatively funky.

I got three candies and four bucks. They say you shouldn't spend the money because it's "lucky". In any case I will just keep it handy here in the office for when I won't have money for a jeepney ride going home. Now if they meant to ward off the evil spirits and such: why am I still here?

i wonder how far gone i would be to do this
Man Burns Life Savings, Fails Suicide Bid

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