Tuesday, December 09, 2003

an ennui towards cinema

I realized that I don't watch movies all that much anymore. The last movie that I watched in the cinema was Finding Nemo. I used to watch movies at least thrice a month, but now the numbers have definitely gone down. It's probably that I don't have a constant companion to watch all the movies, and partly it's the work; but generally I think that I'm experiencing a pronounced boredom towards the movie industry.

Lately there haven't been many movies that I've wanted to watch. Matrix Revolutions came out and everything but I didn't feel an intense urge to go and watch it. I haven't watched Under the Tuscan Sun, which is probably the one that I would be most inclined to watch among the movies currently showing in the Ayala cinemas. I wouldn't be disappointed to just catch Intolerable Cruelty on cable.

So there. On one hand there's been a dearth of must-see cinema, at least for my personal tastes. Nothing has come up of great entertainment value (or any other value for that matter) since Nemo, except maybe PotC: The Curse of the Black Pearl--ah, referring to it in anticipation of the "franchise" it's aiming to become.

Then of course, there's that hypothesis that because I'm not in a relationship, I've no one with whom to watch movies, but then that's not quite the case because I'm still able to go out with my friends, only I haven't been really excited to see any movies. I thought that I had to watch Matrix Revolutions but it turned out it was good enough on (pirated) DVD. [Don't tell pareng Bong.] By the way, I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean at home.

There are some movies whose showing I'm anticipating quite eagerly, though, first and foremost being, obviously, the last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King. There is also the next Harry Potter--am just wondering what difference Alfonso Cuaron is going to make in the series, because I wasn't quite satisfied with Chris Columbus' retellings. I'm also looking forward to Crying Ladies, with Sharon Cuneta and Angel Aquino. [Jologs side surfaces.]

So what is it? Maybe I'm just really getting bored with escapism. And that really makes me sad, because movies are to us today what the gladiator arenas were in the time of the Roman empire--the opiate of the masses. Hollywood is the new Colosseum, but lately it just seems that the entertainment hasn't been good enough to eclipse the drudgery and uncertainty of daily life. Where have all the good movies gone? Or am I just too preoccupied to see?

is that her?
I just saw the new Carefree commercial. One of them definitely looks like Natasha, my high school classmate. I haven't spoken with that girl in ages but we spent four years in the same class and were on relatively good terms. But I don't know if we'd actually get to talking if we saw each other on the street or something. I know. That's weird.

You can imagine how it is with the people that I didn't really get close to? I really won't make the first move when we meet up; while I'm sure that they, too, would think twice before saying hi. I feel bad that I feel that way, but I guess I don't want to risk a raised eyebrow and a "do I know you?" Sad but true.

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