Friday, December 12, 2003

height of frustration, pt. 1

Despite the difficulty in keeping my eyes open yesterday, I was working quite hard on a data mapping for our latest acquisition. Unfortunately, late yesterday afternoon, our big boss (who is actually quite petite, so we call her our little big boss) told me that they had already assigned the task to someone from XYZ Co. since they were more knowledgeable about the data, a fact that I pointed out when they assigned me the task in the first place.

So there. Most of yesterday went for naught because I spent most of my time on that. At least I was able to make a significant blog entry (yeah, Christmas parties and otso-otso are significant, thank you). And then I left early and embarked on...

height of frustration, pt. 2
Email messages that zing back and forth within your office barkada with what you know are catty comments that were just bitten back due to the fact that the emails were for everyone but you can sense the tension just beneath the surface.

height of frustration, pt. 3
Try finding: (1) good formal shoes with just a hint of sexy (2) for chubby feet (3) during the holiday season with all the shoppers flocking to the malls. I was ready to murder last night. Everyone suggested that I go to Landmark. After all, most of the good brands were there. Unfortunately everyone else and their mother up to their great-aunt's cousin's stepsister were also there. And of course quite difficult to find shoes that will look passable on quite shapeless feet. Sigh.

height of pathetic-ness
What is the right term for the state of being pathetic? Is it pathos? Anyway, I'm now hanging my head in shame for something I did in a most annoying, makulit manner last night, which I don't think person-I'm-blatantly-flirting-with (but only for fun ha?!) didn't seem to appreciate or take as anything remotely resembling fun. So there. Hands off first.

Ooh this could get messy / But you don't seem to mind / Ooh don't go telling everybody / And overlook this supposed crime So sayeth Alanis in Hands Clean.

height of ka-jologs-an
Downloaded the polyphonic ringtone of Ocho Ocho. Instant hit here in the office.

height of nostalgia
We were back together last night, that motley band that was our high school barkada. Of course Anj was only there is spirit, being in Bacolod and everything. Adele is here for her wedding. Jen, Joel and I are sponsors and Denise is a reader. It was a good evening to end a frustrating day.

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