Tuesday, December 16, 2003

a wedding, videokes and a trip to the south

I can't believe that I fit all three of these from Friday afternoon to Saturday night. Friday afternoon was the wedding of M., bestfriend D.'s only sister, to A., scion of a political family in a southern province. It was a beautiful wedding. D., maid of honor, was already tearing up while walking down the aisle at the beginning. I took some pictures but I really can't post them because the "rights" belong to M., all from an ethical point of view. They had some big-name political sponsors, but it didn't make much of a difference--it was still a wonderful and intimate wedding. Shared a smoke with Tita B., D.'s mom. This is one woman I really like. Their family has gone through a lot and I think that they truly deserve to be blessed. Felt bad during the wedding, though, and went home early, although Ibs and the bilyaran barkada were back in town and hanging out at the old billiards haunt.

Eight the next morning I was on the road to Sta. Rosa, Laguna, to J.'s house. It's a nice cozy house that ten of us there filled just fine. J&J also gave us our early Christmas gifts, shawls from Baguio for the girls. I got a black one, whoopee. That was a no-brainer as about 2/3 of my wardrobe has a shade of black in it. Videoke wasn't working properly, so desperate people that we were, we managed to sing most of the songs on the cable videoke channel, including 'Can't Touch This' and a weird Eva Eugenio song. And then of course there was the reason for the thought of doing detox in the first place: the food. We always enjoy J.'s culinary treats, and that day was no exception. We had a HEAVY Pinoy-na-Pinoy breakfast with omelette, corned beef hash, sardines, tocino and garlic rice. Mmmmm. Then X-Men 2 on DVD and then it was lunchtime! Goodness! That's where the liempo, chicken and baked tahong came in. Our itinerary was: eat, smoke, take pictures, watch X2, eat, smoke, videoke, smoke, take pictures, drink and smoke some more. What fun.

I couldn't leave right away. I said I was going to leave at 4:30 but they kept asking me to stay (and who was I to begrudge the owner of the house, drunken though he was?). So I ended up leaving at 7:30 and by that time I was in a bad mood because I needed to be at Music 21 at 8pm, we had a reservation for the Glider Christmas Videoke (videoke again?! you must know, I have a terrible, monotonous, singing voice). There. I was late. I left early and it was super traffic on the highway and then we had to make a pitstop in the middle of the highway because some people had too much to drink. Oh well. I got to the GCV a bit frazzled but in one piece. It was a good evening, capped by the fact that C. was able to make it--an old friend whom I hadn't seen in ages. He had a new boyfriend and was looking really good, this gay friend of mine who thankfully wasn't a screaming fag.

Tiring though it was, and bad-mood inducing, I really enjoyed the weekend. I was happy to see my friends and I was looking forward to more times like these. I just hope that it isn't only during Christmas. Diba?

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