Thursday, December 18, 2003

seven days

till Christmas. Honestly? I'm quite excited. The season is going well, with the Christmas parties come and gone, bringing along a dollop of fun, a night of forgetting all the business-like cr@p in the office, one with old friends and one with even older, and dearer ones. I've found that I don't need to spend all that much to convey my Christmas wishes, but I know that I still spent a considerable amount. I guess it's because there's some degree of abundance for me now so I'm quite grateful for that blessing.

Sigh. It's hard to tie up the salvation of mankind with the gift-giving extraganza that Christmas has become nowadays. Suffice to say that my gift-giving spirit is a manifestation of the thanksgiving that I feel. Some people say that the spirit of Christmas is dead--if that's how they feel, then fine; after all, that's a personal decision. But the spirit of Christmas should never die if we always remember what we're celebrating. And I hope that it will never die in me.

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