Sunday, October 24, 2004

sunday at stingyco

Or 'Things to Do in StingyCo When You're Bored (and still at work on Sunday evening)'

yay red sox
It might actually be a Cinderella season after all. Yay for the underdog!

birthday celebrants on friendster
Apparently, friendster has a new feature showing your friends with upcoming birthdays. Because of this I have received birthday greetings from a couple of people whom I don't always come into contact with. It was nice, actually.

people who share my birthday
  • Markee - okay, so he has better-shaped eyebrows than I do (natural yun), but this founding member of the LasPinyeros is one person whom I can always count on for droll, frank comments and advice that more often than not are true.
  • y_slaybelle - Ms. Russia, PinoySlayer, Digital Dave-owner and inveterate blogger all in one! One of the first PinoySlayers to welcome me to the fold... wonderful person.
  • Tristan - former student and volleyball varsity player, now based in the US. Funny and fearless.
  • Shirley from the lower batch - don't really know much about her... just that we share the same birthday. Hahahaha.
  • According to The CelebrityCafe, I share birthdays with the following notable people: Ezra Pound, Ruth Gordon, Louis Malle (husband of Candice Bergen, right?), Ivanka Trump (aak! daughter of The Man), Diego Maradona, Henry Winkler (hey Fonzie!), Harry Hamlin, and Gavin Rossdale. Not so notable: Snow (1, 2, 3: inFORmer! watermelon-watermelon-watermelon...)
  • A check at IMDb yields two more interesting personages with whom I share a birthday: Gael Garcia Bernal (yummy... exactly the same age as Markee, by the way) and Adam Copeland, known to wrestling fans as Edge.

There can be absolutely no truth to people with the same birthdays having the same characteristics.

And now, back to work.

Last Song Syndrome : White Houses - Vanessa Carlton
For some insame reason, I like this song.

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