Thursday, October 21, 2004

red sox, stephen king jubilant

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Red Sox 10, Yankees 3

For the first time in major league baseball, a team has clawed back from a 3-0 playoff deficit to win the series. And for a storied team that hasn't won the World Series for 86 years, it was a wonderful story indeed, one that will reverberate for ages. The mighty New York Yankees were struck down by the Boston Red Sox.

I don't really follow major league baseball all that closely now, although I used to cheer for an Andy Petitte/Tino Martinez-lead Yankee team as well as Tom Glavine and Chipper Jones over at Atlanta. That was half a decade ago. The Yankees are still mighty, but nowadays I prefer European football to the American national sport. When the Yankees raced to a 3-0 series lead, it was almost a done deal. And then when I was home recuperating, I watched as the gutsy Red Sox fought through 12 innings to win Game 4. And then 14 innings worth of Game 5. The series was actually shaping up to be exciting.

And now this. It's the perfect cap to a historical series. Diehard Red Sox fans Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan chose a great season to chronicle. Props to the Boston Red Sox. They really deserve this.

Now, back to soccer, where there are a lot of cuter dudes.

Last Song Syndrome : Take On Me - a-ha

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