Wednesday, October 20, 2004

dissatisfaction guaranteed

As dicussed in our human behavior in organizations subject, in a work environment, there are satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Satisfiers are items in the work environment that make an employee happy with their presence; dissatisfiers on the other hand are those items without which an employee becomes unhappy. Satisfiers may be absent and the employee would not be dissatisfied, for example vendo machine in the pantry. Dissatisfiers are items like medical benefits, without which employees could grumble.

Call me spoiled, but I consider internet access in my workplace as a dissatisfier. When I was with the green-and-white, I would spend an average of at least 2 hours a day on the internet. To think we shared PCs back then. Since I was at work early and more often than not went home late, I could use the PC that AMJ and I shared without remorse, or without supervision, for that matter. When I transferred to StingyCo, I realized that there were network admin who actually had the power to remove internet access. Once adminDude removed my internet access because one of the bosses of another department complained that she passed by my cubicle in the middle of the day and I was surfing. Feh.

After a while, my access was restored (after a few friendly chats with adminDude) and I learned how to be more discreet. However, we have never been able to access any instant messenger services due to the firewal. Then, last year, our office email started blocking yahoogroups mail; more debilitating was the start, just last Monday, of our proxy server blocking Yahoo! mail and other services. Aside from having to check mail at home (and not at lunch hour -wink, wink- as we were wont to), we would not be able to check if there were any urgent mail, and I would no longer be able to access my LAUNCHcast personal station. Gaah! I can only listen to so much of The Big Hits station.

If I consider this a dissatisfier, does this mean I'll be on the lookout for new work then? Who hasn't been on the lookout for greener pastures, really? I was just really disappointed that suddenly this policy was implemented, after four years of relative freedom. This also means less sleep, because I will now be forced to surf during the offpeak time of the wee hours of the morning. Oh well. In any case, though, if a better prospect for work comes knocking, who knows? Internet or no internet.

Besides, with a 20% pay differential I will be able to afford unlimited broadband.

social animals we are
Got this from Patty:

The Hub
Category I - The Hub

You're a 'people person'. Networking runs in your
blood. Consequently, you can move through most
social circles with ease.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
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Apparently I am a 'people person'. Well I do have a lot of acquaintances (just not on friendster), and I believe I can move through most social circles with ease (except the extreme class A, and some communities especially in say, Tondo). I can't say I network well, though. I think I would have jumped StingyCo at the first chance if I did network right. (Hastily looks around to check if anyone has been reading over her shoulder.)

Last Song Syndrome : Building a Mystery - Sarah McLachlan

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