Wednesday, October 27, 2004

i am in a strange blue funk

It's funny how I could start a day
and now feel so

People can just really clash, even people who apparently like each other and go out on gimmicks with each other. It's hard when you put so much importance and exert so much effort on your work, because someday, sometime or another, it will let you down. You will have a bad day; it's just that it's something I could really do without now, not after being at work the entire weekend and finding out that the PDA that I wanted to buy on zero-percent installment wasn't on zero-percent installment anymore (talk about vague advertising--apparently some products are available until the 31st, but the majority, well, aren't).

Immediate Director-Boss sent me and JP an email reprimand because we came back from lunch late (after buying the Tungsten E, by the way). And then the matter of the training scheduled for this afternoon, which was well-attended. However, this funky little tongue of mine let slip a statement that wasn't well-received by some people, these friends of ex-Medium Immediate Boss (ex-MIB). And now, ex-MIB, with whom we were supposed to meet tonight, suddenly cancels, heaven knows where she is.

CB wanted to meet up after the training but I'm in no mood to socialize right now. So there. I'm going home. I'm watching The Grid and then CSI: Miami and then I'm tuning out. The hell.

Last Song Syndrome : nothing. i can hear nothing.

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