Monday, October 25, 2004

advice for the young at heart

a.k.a. a certain someone who is problematic right now

Note: Yours truly is no Dr. Love, nor have I enough life experience to actually give good advice. I just thought this over.

I still go back to my basic concept. Do whatever makes you happy. Don't do anything out of paranoia, or out of fear that someone is going to end up with someone. Listen to your head, too; take that advice from someone who's constantly listened to her heart and has nothing to show for it. What have I learned after all this? Sometimes doing the right thing is hard; you will regret it, but never for very long. Sometimes doing the right thing will lead to heartbreak but in the long run you will realize that it was for the best. Sometimes, on the other hand, doing the right thing will require you to swallow your pride and endure countless jabs at your heart, your ego, your self-esteem. Either way, doing the right thing will be hard sometimes, and you need to think it through and pray it through.

Last Song Syndrome : Broken - Seether

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