Sunday, September 05, 2004

some shorts

Am finally able to blog after a week of hospitals (the mother-unit was finally discharged yesterday afternoon), meetings (the big project deadline is on Oct. 27), getting back into the badminton groove, and doing about a thousand more ratings on LaunchCAST.

the premier hospital in our city supposed to be Makati Medical Center. Spending a week there dropping in constantly on the mother-unit has shown me how appalling conditions are over there considering that a room like my mom's cost PhP3,200 a night. One elevator of the three "main" elevators was not functioning, and the other two were still the same (dilapidated and all, down to the black cylindrical plastic buttons). For ventilation, a hole was cut into the ceiling of one elevator and a Rota-Aire electric fan inserted. Brilliant. New wing and all, they should still have done some improvements to the old wing. They are, after all, still the hospital that a lot of us grew up with (and me, practically in and out of). Sometimes I think that it is better off being covered by the new PeopleSupport building...

my name can't be that tough to pronounce
Keanu Reeves turned FORTY last Thursday. Another sign that our generation is getting older, given that one of our first teenage crushes (oh, won't you admit it, now?) is approaching middle age.

bar tales
The zeester (#1) is taking the bar all Sundays of September. Prayers would be most welcome. Each Saturday I will deposit her at Westin Philippine Plaza and every Sunday morning I'll pick up her stuff and check out for her. Will draw myself a hot (bubble) bath every time then. What fun.

not that i don't like The Office
...but where is Absolutely Fabulous? Where? I checked all the StarWorld schedules for the next few weeks and it's gone, gone, gone! I miss Eddy and Patsy! And Saffy! There should be DVDs...

Last Song Syndrome : Toy Soldiers - Martika

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