Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Links to Emmy stuff:

Looking good!
Amber Brkich & Rob Mariano

Don't they look alike?
Portia de Rossi (no relation to Assunta, et al) and Drea de Matteo

Heather Locklear in a pretty dress

Jennifer Garner in frou-frou
...but note the comment about Ben Affleck. Is Michael Vartan actually a free agent? (Like we stood a chance.)

Al Pacino rambled on and on, and he wasn't cut by the orchestra. Scared of Michael Corleone much? However, Meryl Streep was played over. As was Jeffrey Wright, who was saying something profound about how AIDS now affects more people. Unfortunately, Wright never played a former mob boss; while Pacino, ever in need of a face lift, was quite "unfocused". How sad. Although Wright's speech was good, the speech that got to me was Sara Jessica Parker's acceptance speech for her Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Maybe it's because the final season is already upon us; but she struck a nerve with me (and more apparently, with Kristin Davis).

The "reality" participants were quite cute. Awestruck and real. Kaya nga reality, eh. Queer Eye won for Best Reality Show (as opposed to Best Reality Game Show, won by The Amazing Race 4--this is Chip and Reichen, right?). And another Emmy awards show wrapped up. It was all glitzy and glamorous, disappointing in defeat yet glorious in victory. For us, it was just another day.

Last Song Syndrome : Bizaare Love Triangle - Frente

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