Monday, September 27, 2004

chaos on taft

Mind you, this is not because of the UAAP, because the green-and-white lost (feh).

This was the barristers' salubong--the last day of the bar exams. Zeester #1 (the over-achiever) had her last day of exams (one of 5,000) for the license to practice law in the Philippines. Apparently the last day of the exams is a big thing, with different schools' tents all around, war drums (apparently not all are alloted to the UAAP games), beer- and softdrink-drenching, and a LOT of people. Taft was closed, so there was a party in the streets. Well, don't take my word for it, here are pictures.

Under the LRT

At McDo. Zeester#2 and Zeester#1's SO are somewhere in this crowd.

Just for that instance, I was behind this flag, which y_slaybelle and aurieslayer will find familiar.
Ateneo Flag

"Pare nakita mo yung babae, and laki ng suso nun!" (after 5 seconds) "Ang laki talaga ng suso!" Shyet.
(shouting) "Nasan na si _____?" "Umihi lang!!!" Yes, we all needed to know that.
"Sino'ng #1 sa bar last year?!" Ateneo, by the way.

Yet another 'Feh!' moment. Photobucket (Feh!tobucket) is down. Grr.

Last Song Syndrome : Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

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