Thursday, September 23, 2004

hurrah for chip and kim - 'Amazing Race' has its winner - Sep 22, 2004

Well, at least a couple that I liked (aside from the Bowling Moms) won. This just goes to show that every little bit counts... and teams that seem to have commanding leads can get upended on the last day of competition. Thanks to Kim's foresight (and should I say cunning and stealth), Chip and Kim were able to get on an earlier flight and that sealed the deal for them becoming 1 million dollars richer.

I must admit though that I have grudging respect for Colin Guinn. Despite the fact that he was generally a jerk, he was really one of the best players ever to have joined The Amazing Race. Although a lot may have been edited out, it seemed very logical and efficient the way that he went through the maze at the Fort Worth stockyards. So if he and his sometimes-whiny girlfriend would have won because of that, that would have been acceptable. Indeed.

TAR5 was a great show, especially because they went to the Philippines. Maybe next time they can go back... like to Vigan or the Chocolate Hills.

strange friendsters
I just got a friendster request from an unlikely source--JE is the husband of KC, a former student to whom I've gotten quite close; it also happens that JE was a teammate of The Ex, Z., on the close-knit varsity baseball team. So I know him in two ways, but I've never carried a decent conversation with the guy. But now he's my friendster. Kewl.

Last Song Syndrome : My Girl - The Temptations

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