Monday, August 30, 2004

fast fingers, and a close encounter with alex compton

Fast fingers, the blog, is here.

Am jotting this out right before logging out on my way to Makati Med. The mother-unit's bronchitis worsened to pneumonia over the weekend and she's now confined there. Hoping she gets well soon, but am glad that she is at least getting some rest. Workaholic of a mom (after whom I did NOT take) has been working non-stop because of a lot of reorganizations, system implementations, and other changes in their office. This morning, though, she apparently spent an hour on the phone giving orders to her secretary, hoarse voice and everything... this mother of mine!

Another hospital visit over the weekend, to Bespren M's dad. Tito R. had gastrointestinal bleeding, not helped by the fact that he's already undergoing dialysis. Went with good samaritan Carlo, who was willing to donate blood. Once there I saw M's two sisters and little brother (not so little anymore, binata na!). And then Alex Compton arrived. Apparently he's a friend of M's other sister and was also there to donate blood. Unfortunately, Carlo and Alex were rejected as donors because of anti-tetanus shots and an recent operation, respectively. More unfortunately: I was not introduced to Alex Compton! (The time he was there I was visiting Tito R at the ICU.) Grr. Hehe.

The bowling tournament is over, finally. Now we're on to the Christmas party. We are pencil-booked at The Loft, Hard Rock and Tavern. Time to move!

Missed the HS class's equivalent of the society wedding of the year. DnA's wedding remains closest to my heart, though. Too bad I wasn't able to make it, since marental was already in the hospital then.

Last Song Syndrome : Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

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