Tuesday, September 21, 2004

short takes

Thirty two years ago, today (well, actually on Sept. 23), Ferdinand Edralin Marcos signed the declaration of Martial Law, elevating himself to full-fledged dictator of our country and effectively strangling human rights. I have a lot of friends who are Marcos loyalists, especially those whose families come from the Ilocos region, but I, meanwhile, am a stalwart believer in everything that Ninoy Aquino stood for (regardless of his youngest daughter's shenanigans). And I believe that a lot of human rights were trampled, people murdered and Philippine money plundered during the Marcos regime. I believe the Philippines went to the dogs during that time. So every year at around this time, I mourn what was lost--the Philippines' premiere status in Asia, lives of great statemen, innocence--and what could have been.


The Medium Immediate Boss (MIB) --as opposed to the Little Big Boss (LBB)-- is leaving for Australia. Migrating. With her family. Apparently, the application was done at the height of the semicon recession, because her husband works (now used to work) for one of the semicon plants in the South. Said application is now approved and they are leaving by the end of next month. Maleen, JP and I are going to be orphans. The turnover meeting a few days ago was exhausting and overwhelming. MIB has been a huge factor in department stability and our job satisfaction (not to say I'm biased, but she is one of the best bosses in the company from the perspective of staff). It's a big loss for StingyCo, because MIB is part company historian (having been here a decade) and repository of system knowledge.

Meanwhile, the three of us orphans are now rethinking our employment strategy, especially when MIB's replacement will come along. We don't know how this will play out. Wish us luck.


Friday night was spent with Maleen, JP and Sir D. Apparently our persuasive skills were quite effective because we were able to coerce Sir D, who has just transferred to BigTelecom Co., to treat us to dinner. (Sige na D, mangungulila na naman kami eh... we're playing this soon-to-be-orphan card to the hilt.)

After dinner we didn't want to head home just yet so we drove around. The establishments along Perea were already closed; while Aposento and Capone's were rejected. We ended up buying liquor at a Ministop and then heading to my so-called pad where we talked, looked at pictures, drank and generally bonded. Strong departments, although about to be orphaned, are made of these.


Zane writes about Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling. Sweet. I definitely see the attraction here, Sandy Bullock. He was already an eyecatcher in that little role in Remember the Titans; and then he charmed my socks off in Murder by Numbers. I have yet to see him in The Believer, but Zane's post has me looking for a copy. Good thing I was able to get the pDVD of United States of Leland a few weeks ago at Dread Pirate Square.

It's not a matronistic sort of attraction, mind you. He's the same age as my last SO. So there. Teehee.

Thanks Zane, at least I now know that Ryan Gosling belongs to that same esteemed alumni group of MMC (Mickey Mouse Club) mousekeeters that includes the Twit-ney, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, JC Chasez (who is quite cute and underrated, I think), and Christina Aguilera. Hmmmm. I'm so glad for Ryan Gosling. Now I am looking for mousekeeter pictures.


Left the trusty 6220 at home. Again. JP is clucking away because this is the third time I have left my phone in eight days. I've managed to survive on all occasions. The cellphone for me has never been an essential, only very, very convenient. And today, it's an inconvenience that I wasn't able to bring it. Nor my files on The Notebook, Dodgeball and The Stepford Wives. Grrr.


Happy Birthday Joelito. Can't believe we've known each other for twelve years. Thank you for being a most wonderful friend.

Last Song Syndrome : Kyrie - Mr. Mister
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