Monday, November 03, 2003

a week of no blogging

makes Ri a dull girl? Well, I sure hope not. To think that I've been a bit proud about being able to blog 'most everyday... but circumstances have dictated that I would not be able to blog for the last week.

Tuesday. Two long meetings. Sometimes I think that meetings are the bane of corporate life: time is wasted, people get sleepy. However, I know for a fact that our team gets our information mostly from meetings so I can't really complain. We are coming up with a new product and we are trying to fit it into our systems because it's totally different from everything that's come before. It's really quite interesting when you think about it, but after you've been in a meeting for five hours--you're just really sleepy.

Wednesday. On leave. My dad got some of his people to paint my room today. It's a light blue that I picked out from a catalogue at the paint store. Am a bit high from the paint. (No pictures yet, I can't seem to find the rechargeable batteries for the digicam.) I also finally got my license. Of course your license picture is never flattering. Grrrr! Spent the last of my money for the month on that freaking drug test. Hope payday's tomorrow.

Thursday. Birthday. Lounged around and then panic-cooked in the morning. Treated officemates to lunch of Ri's famous spaghetti, Crispy Chicken McDo, cakes and ice cream. Payday is not today. How unfortunate for me. Am glad that am still able to "borrow" money from Mommy. Hehe. Got jogging pants from my officemates (well they do know I'm really into this badminton stuff) and some home magazines (well they do know we're renovating the house). Got some more badminton stuff (wrist band and jersey shirt) from DnA, while Pol had my racket re-gutted (restringed). My ninang and my mom both gave me perfume--was wondering, is it a message that I stink? Teehee. Well, I do like receiving gifts, but I also like giving them. What fun.

Friday. Shit hit the fan. Some agents' overrides were erroneously computed. And almost all developers are on leave. Spent the entire morning investigating this and explaining to higher management. They were totally level-headed about it anyway, so it wasn't that bad. Left work at 1:30pm. Time to rest. Am glad it's payday. And after paying all my bills and debts and setting aside money for the credit union, am left with just enough money to get by this month and have a little shindig next weekend.

I realize that my mom's real gift to me was allowing me to repaint my "pad" because she has never allowed me to touch the stark white walls before. Thanks Mom!

Weekend. Was supposed to study for my upcoming LOMA exam on Marketing. Of course I didn't get past the first 10 pages. Yes, I know it's bad study habits, but I was fixing my room (fumes are no longer oppressive), playing badminton, going over to Alabang, leafing through old magazines to see if there were articles worth clipping, etc. I realize that to overcome my procrastination of the past two years regarding uncluttering and really organizing my stuff, I need about a week's worth of leave. Maybe I can also unclutter myself by detoxifying and soul-searching at the same time.

tiffany blue
Nins' friend Lavs came over last Friday. Of course I showed them my newly-painted room. Advertising maven that she is, she asked what color it was and I said it was something Harmony, it being blue and all, relaxing right? She said, "Well I think it's Tiffany Blue, diba sosy?" Kewl. I've always thought those little blue boxes were the height of class, especially after I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. Wonderful movie with pretty, pretty people.

and now there's Myspace
Thought you had enough of friendster? Well I got an invitation to another online community that has basically the same premise, MySpace. Okay Ry, I'll register and everything, after all they have a Privacy Policy. But I don't think I'll ever visit their website again...! It's interesting because it's like friendster but there's a journal feature--but then I have blogger and blogspot for that...

I have to get all this in by 8am... aaaggghhh... type faster... faster...

In my sister's words,
(What the heck language is that?)

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