Friday, November 14, 2003

letting my hair down

Literally, not figuratively. Figuratively was last Friday night with the six or so shots of Desert Rose and TGIF Mudslide. (Hair was in a bun, didn't have time to fix after cooking.) Literally was today because I looked at some old pictures and noticed that my hairline now is much higher than it was in high school. They say that pulling your hair back everyday does that to your hair, so there. Hair is down today.

The officemates seem quite stunned because I've only once come to work with my hair down (ONCE!), on a Saturday that I was on call, and only because I was going to a party after. I sort of think that my severe bun or severe ponytail are more business-like. However, almost everyone here says that I look better with my hair down. Of course they could also either be (1) getting used to it; and (2) pulling my leg--more probable.

mom finds out about blog
Saw a link to this article on the Blogger homepage. Hahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

Am sure glad my mom doesn't surf the internet. Egad!

a (temporary) rich feeling
Got 13th month pay yesterday. Wow. Have enough money to buy the cellphone I want (Nokia 6220) but then I wouldn't have any money left over for Christmas gifts--not to mention for paying the credit card bill for the gifts that I've already bought. So after I pay the credit card bills, buy my parents' and sisters' gifts (which are the most expensive), I still have to set aside money to buy dresses for the three weddings I'm attending in December... so no more moolah. Sigh, I just have to enjoy the next few days that there's actually money in my bank account.

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