Wednesday, November 12, 2003

every beginning has an end

So says the Oracle to Neo, or so I've read and been told.

or, unmatricized
I still haven't watched Matrix: Revolutions. Okay so I know the basic story and everything already, but I still want to see it for myself. You know how despite the many times you've seen a multi-car pile-up on TV or in pictures, it's still different when you see it yourself. Is that weird or something? I wanted to compare it to the Eiffel Tower or Pisa's leaning tower but I don't think any Matrix movie is a comparable work of art.

So here's what I got from the people I texted/talked to earlier today asking if they'd already seen the movie and hinting ever so subtly (yeah right!) that I still hadn't watched it yet:
M: "Umm yeah I've seen it." (deadma, skirting the topic)
K: "Dwama!" (pa-cute but still doesn't want to watch with me)
Z: "Haha sorry to hear that" with smiley face at the end (thinks I'm pathetic)
P: "I already know the story and I don't plan on watching it." (taray!)
M: "Ok but I have to watch Reloaded over the weekend first." (now although it's positive I don't think I can wait that long! this person goes home to Batangas during weekend)
Bespren J: "I just watched it yesterday!" (then she went to take another call)
D: "I have a presentation this Friday, pwede next week?" (again with the timing, I wanna watch it THIS WEEK!)
A (my nephew): "Have to leave for the province tomorrow, let's watch next week." (Grrr! Argh!)

So there. Poor pathetic me. Will watch Matrix: Revolutions by myself Sunday morning probably just to satisfy my curiosity. Phooey. Though it's not like I haven't done it before. Examples of movies I've watched alone at the theater: One True Thing, Soul Food, Cousin Bette. Mostly gushy-mushy stuff, and mostly from late '98 to early 2000, the time that I used to go out with V. a lot. Since I was still teaching at the time I'd sometimes be done at 2:30, but she had work at a bank so I had to wait for her till 5. So I'd watch all these weird stuff while waiting for her. Well it beat risking my credit limit if I went shopping.

stuff from around

My Elvish Name
Órelindë Tinúviel

My Hobbit Name
Goldie Proudneck of Tuckborough

My Matrix Name -how timely! Me with a Matrix name but still haven't watched Matrix: Revs
[okay, now if only that weren't the title of a weird show by the creator of Star Wars with weird blue people]

Sigh. I wonder if the rallyists on Ayala Avenue have dispersed. Poor poor country of ours.

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