Thursday, November 13, 2003

a night at home

aldo's pictures from last friday night (the clear ones at least)
Hey all smiley-faces!
L-R: The boyfriend of my girlfriend, the Atenean, Madr of all, de nephew, KH (partly hidden by de nephew), celebrator, celebrator's sister (hiding behind Desert Rose bottle), (partly hidden) Piaya, bespren Jen, mah girlfriend, Marielle and Jun (the badminton-ers).

in the room
The other sister and boyfriend. Note bottles of booze in the background. DaMike is making a detailed explanation of the Samurai X series for bespren Jen. Oh, and those are my blue walls. D. still maintains it looks like the color of bathrooms in the province (what the--?).

three stooges
I thought they were going to do the three monkeys pose! Feh. Am disappointed. Are those supposed to be butterflies?! Note the girly-girl background for the macho men. Teehee.

Was a good night.

exercise in futility
Feeling badminton-ers.

Ri and Den in action
What style! What form! So intimidating! Hehe...

Ri and Den smile
Smile though your heart is aching... Teehee...

Was a good day anyway. Thanks to the Baddicts! More pictures is the Baddicts Gallery.

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