Saturday, November 29, 2003


On the radio at work this morning: Backstreet's Back
It's in the other department but since it's Saturday, they played it louder.
My other officemate is playing Beatles songs on his Media Player.
They're both giving me a migraine.
But then I don't have migraines.
So they're actually conspiring to make me go insane!
Grr Argh!

(FYI, that "F" word is a bastardization (?) of a cuss word here in the Phils roughly translating to S.O.B. but used in a much wider context)

Everybody... ye-ah...
Rock your body... ye-ah...
Rock your body right...
Backstreet's back alright!

Yeah right.

Annoying officemate is at it again. Complaining that his feet are painful, saying ouch in an affected, OA way ("awwwrtch" -- I swear! that's what he said!). Talking to himself (hmmm does he think I'll comment on his insipid comments?) about the peanuts + garlic that he bought. And now singing along to the radio. Wonderful.


Haha! He's actually looking at some porn pics, I think. He's looking up at me from time to time to check if I'm looking. Mwahahahaha! This person is totally pathetic! Any more of this and I'm actually going to get a migraine!

I know. Am such a bitch!

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