Wednesday, October 01, 2003

first day of the month

Was supposed to have a massage at the spa near our office last night but something was amiss with the regional office and I had to stay late. Boohoo... missed out on the 50% discount which was only until yesterday. Bah, work... really gets in the way of personal gratification.

Got here 7:05am. Officemate was already here. He's a bit on the strange side. Anyway, he was sitting in front of his PC in the dark. I wondered if he didn't know how to switch on the lights. He did though, but only when I mentioned it to him--apparently that was the only time that he realized that he could. Funny, strange person.

La Salle lost to Ateneo in a game that ended with another fracas, this time involving even former players and other alumni. I'm all for school spirit and everything, but I think this is getting out of hand. As I told Imo (who is from Ateneo), I've always had delusions of grandeur and sportsmanship with regards to both our schools and this is definitely bursting my bubble. Bah, jocks.

Congratulations though Ateneo! It was a job well done. Although the fight in the finals (against FEU) seems quite even. Oh well, Archers. We've had our streak of championships. It's time to rebuild the team and start anew. Who knows, maybe next year?

Feel bad because it's the birthday of our barkada here in the office today and because of too much work (remember, 2am in the office last Sunday), we weren't able to organize any surprise. I really have this thing for birthdays (and Christmas). Oh well. Lloyd was asking for a brand new car and we're going to get him a Matchbox. Teehee.

Finished LoEG. More on that later or tomorrow.

It's October, my favorite month. Dad's birthday tomorrow, my own birthday Halloween Eve.

Don't sit beside me, weird person, I'm trying to freaking blog here before office hours start, and I don't particularly want you breathing over my shoulder checking out what I write. Grrr!

By the way, time for me to mention:
Bipolar Disorder

Wanna find out what Psych-Ward you belong to?


Good morning, good morning!

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