Wednesday, October 22, 2003

two minutes late

Argh. Was two minutes late for work today--clocked in at 8:02am. Not bad actually, I thought I was going to be more late. Left the house at 7:16, then brought my mom to her office at Roxas Blvd/Buendia extension... and then went all the way back to Makati... I wasn't sure if I saved time by parking at the office (paying an extra PhP10) but at least it was convenient (no walking on gravel pathways), separate elevator. I could get used to this for an extra ten buck each time.

Parking expenses: average of 10 days a month that I bring a car @ PhP110 per day yields PhP1,100 a month on parking alone! Okay so that's not even 5% of my monthly income... but still! Eep! Total cost of bringing a car to work comes around to PhP2,500 a month because of gasoline, car washes and other expenses--and to think that my mom has paid for whatever repairs so far. Tsk tsk... all this thinking about expenses because I was two minutes late for work today. Sigh.

My sister was amused that Studio 23 was airing the last episode of Dawson's Creek a few days after its Filipino copycat Tabing Ilog aired its own final episode, although Dawson's Creek had already ended last year in the States (we are behind, after all). TV series endings have commonly been observed to be let-downs. These two were no exception, although I wasn't able to see the Tabing Ilog ending (apparently, Eds and Rovic renewed their vows, Badong and Corinne are picking up where they left off, George has let go of James--shucks forgive the ka-jologs-an!).

Anyway, I did see the Dawson's Creek ending. More on that later.

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