Thursday, October 23, 2003


Just had an informal focus group discussion/interview with a consultant from a market research firm. Just the second time that I've been involved in something like that: the first was in McCann-Erickson when I was in high school, Maita dragged me along when they were reviewing a Coke jingle. I really thought it had something to do with smoking because the girl who contacted me specifically asked. So I brought two of my yosi-buddies along.

He was really friendly, of course he had to be to be able to cull information the way that he was doing. He asked about our gimmick habits, where we ate most of the time, where we went shopping... I was wondering where it was all heading, but then I remembered that it was something about "lifestyle". Aaak! Sedentary lifestyle is tops for me! Of course the occasional badminton game (and tournament coming up, from which we are not expecting much anyway)... Well maybe he was trying to determine smoking habits and cigarette brands too. Maybe. I wouldn't know. Anyway, it was all good. Nice lunch with two of my friends and a quite likable person naman.

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