Saturday, October 11, 2003

Velasquez Park

(transcribed from notebook)

what the hell am i doing here?

the little girl is barking at the cat
a family is on a bench and i ask the mom for a light
the security guy on his bicycle probably checking where we'll throw the butts
and the lady jogging has gone around six times

what the hell am i doing here?

thinking around in circles just like that jogger
hoping epiphany will come with nicotine
thinking about things that should have never come to pass
but how somehow things are looking up for tomorrow

Sabado nights
No, I wasn't on a date. Didn't watch a movie or anything. But it was thoroughly gratifying. I spent most of the evening in Powerbooks reading JLA: Heaven's Ladder and books on home decoration. It was a good three hours. Definitely.

Heaven's Ladder was a bit strange, but quite entertaining. It was about the JLA encountering a superior alien race (to them humans were paramecium) that was around since the Big Bang but had no idea of the afterlife. I can't comment on the art, but it looked good to my untrained (and non-comicbook aficionado) eye. Sometimes the action was boring, but there were some high points, especially as they explored the JLA members' different ideas of the after-life. I especially liked Wonder Woman's statement, "The only way to deny death then is to live each day to its absolute fullest by constantly striving to carve an immortal legend which will server as your eternal legacy... by making the extraordinaty look easy..."

Also from Heaven's Ladder: "There is a sense of nobility and wonder to the universe that cannot be catalogued, only shared... and this can only be realized when we create connections instead of barriers." A bit cheesy, but then, peace has always seemed to be that way.

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