Saturday, October 18, 2003

beating around the Bush

Haha! Talk about trying hard for a title. Anyway, my mom is glued to the TV (and the volume is up REALLY high, I can hear it from my room which is in the other end of the house--but then it's a rather small house). Bush has just finished his speech, and the joint session of the House and Senate has been adjourned.

There were 19 applauses, some commentator mentioned. I was expecting as much, even if Bush's speech was generic in nature, citing the victory in Iraq, the shared history of the Philippines and the US, and the need to be eternally vigilant. My mom was saying, why isn't everyone clapping? But of course most people who were kids during or grew up right after the war, the US is a wonderful country and the savior of all. Let's hope that Bush's promises, however vague some of them were, will actually bear fruit.

I like the United States but I understand where most of the militant groups are coming from; needless to say because I used to share their ideology. But most probably, that won't work here in the Philippines. I believe that if we're going to succeed in our niche in the world right now, it won't hurt to have the biggest capitalist power on our side.

Am having a really bad headache right now (but am still posting). We just came from a meeting with Jaime Santiago, one of the florists that D. and A. are considering for their wedding. He has really good ideas. Of course as so-called coordinator I was there also; but I had to beg off from the meeting with the musicians because of this really bad headache. Add to that Kai's pang-aasar--hmmm take me out to coffee na lang dear, hehe. Maybe it's too hot--time to take a shower.

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