Monday, June 21, 2004

playing hooky

Didn't go to work today. It's not exactly playing hooky because it's a scheduled leave. I knew that I was going to be exhausted after my sister's 21st birthday celebration yesterday; and I scheduled a trip to the LTO to get my license (see this post to figure out why I'm getting a license nowhere near my birthday). The afternoon was spent making the most of the temporary living quarters. A black-and-white feeling-decoupage collage of ads was made on a hidden wall; and a lot of useless stuff was thrown out (read: magazines from 2002). I will have to sort through my books soon to determine which will make the journey to the new living quarters and which should be sold by bulk to that person from bidshot.

it's over
At least we now have a president. I was wondering how it would be if we were president-less by June 30. Would it be complete anarchy? My money was on military junta though. Apparently though, bombs are being planted and steel spikes were scattered on major roads in what seems to be a case of bad sportsmanship. Protest is not done that way, people. How inconsiderate.

funny worm
I just received a weird series of emails at my Yahoo! email. From my office email. You know those worm viruses that plague email users by cloning email addressess from an infected mailbox and then using that email address to send infected emails to other addresses? Apparently one of my friends who has both my Yahoo! and office emails is infected. Imagine my reaction that the cloned email was my office email, and it was sending emails to my Yahoo! email. One of the attachments was a file named Nervous Illnesses.exe. Hilarious.

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