Thursday, June 17, 2004

the dragonlance reading list

Apparently I have all the recommended books in the last part of the Recommended Dragonlance Reading List. Hurrah for me.

I've loved Dragonlance since I was in high school. In grade school we started playing RPGs but I didn't really get into it, although my friends did. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the novels and getting lost in the world of Krynn--adventures with heroic Tanis, troubled Raistlin, and stoic Caramon, traipsing with Tasslehoff, Flint and Tika, getting to know the royal Laurana, Goldmoon and Riverwind, and the enigmatic Kitiara. Then a new generation was born, but I still followed them, right down to the current setting, the second Cataclysm. I have, but still haven't read, The War of Souls trilogy (Dragons of a Fallen Sun, Dragons of a Lost Star and Dragons of a Vanished Moon).

Never mind that it was lifted mostly from Lord of the Rings--I loved those books too anyway. It was like Lord of the Rings but less archaic, more modern. Mostly the novels have evolved; and I'm glad that they came out with a line for young adults so that younger readers can start reading it too.

I don't think there's a Dragonlance mailing list in the Philippines, at least none that I know of. Maybe I can start one along with some people from the PinoySlayers with whom I've found a shared passion for these TSR (now Wizards) books.

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