Sunday, June 13, 2004

i heart friendster

Have I mentioned that I love friendster(TM)? It's not that I'm competing for the most number of friends (I'm definitely not); and unlike my sister who got more than a hundred messages over the past week, this is not a means of communication with my friends. Instead I live for those occasional yet marvelous joys of seeking out old friends.

Nic-nic was a batch lower than me at the blue-and-white and we became fast friends until I graduated. In college we went to different schools so we corresponded through phone calls and letters (how passe!) and then she volunteered and had an immersion in some far-flung barrio and then I lost touch with her. I'm glad that she's found me (yes) through friendster. So hurrah friendster! If you can bring lives like ours back in each other's periphery you're doing a good thing.

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