Wednesday, June 16, 2004

accidental wallet death, a.k.a. spike's accident

The wallet should have a life insurance policy.

Accidental wallet death was had yesterday. And here I was happy that I had extra money until the end of the month.

Spike met an accident yesterday. He and Chi-chi were playing and running (pell-mell/helter-skelter/devil-may-care) when he was snagged by an exposed nail. Apparently his skin was dragged because the wound ended up about two inches long and about three inches deep. As my dad said, kita na ang laman.

Nins cried and brought him to the vet. The vet stitched him up and gave him medicine and we bought a muzzle. All in all--PhP2,500. Argh. Some people told me I didn't have to spend that much because we could just have closed it up with betadine, but I don't think so, because the wound was quite deep.

I won't post any pictures of the wound because I think it's not for everyone's consumption, even if I did get to see it after it was stitched up. Here's a relatively recent picture of the big doggie:

He's doing much better now although when I got home yesterday he was still woozy from the tranquilizer/anaesthetic. Poor kid. Poor owner. Haha. Am glad nothing really bad happened to him after all. Heard Nins sniffling on the phone and I was so worried. Oh well. Bacolod trip postponed yet again. And Anj already 5 months pregnant. At this rate, I will be there for the birth.

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