Wednesday, June 09, 2004


am. falling. asleep. in front. of the. pc...

It is all airconditioners and PCs humming and the people here typing, clackety-clack on their little keys, lulling me further and further into the lands of sleep.

I am not usually sleepy at this time of the afternoon and am quite surprised because I am really really drowsy. Blogging is keeping me awake. I figure out, clouded as everything seems, that it is my fault that I am unable to keep my eyes open. I slept at 2:30 this morning watching the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit reprise. Hehe. Wasn't able to catch the primetime schedule because we watched Six Feet Under--quite an entertaining episode, with Ruth giving in to spontaneity and this episode's dead guy (who happened to be gay) being honored by his life partner with a scene from a Puccini opera.

So there. I can't really complain because it's my fault. I guess I'll just try and catch up tonight. After CSI, that is.

4:45pm yesterday
Dysmenorrhea pangs were subsiding so I decided to undertake a little redecorating, taking advantage of the extra pair of hands that we have at home (Margie is leaving, and Marissa, her replacement, has already arrived). We moved some of the furniture around in my little flat-off-my-parents'-garage (when I say 'we', I include myself, the supervisor). The room is now a little roomier once I shoved some of the stuff under the bed (in requisite plastic bins from SM-my-favorite-store).

We also moved the bookcase and I realized how many books I had accumulated through the years. There were at least 400 in the bookcase, I think, and roughly the same number in the storage under my divider-cum-headboard. My next project will be to sort through the books and determine those that I can discard and those which I should hold onto. This should probably be done before we start moving into our temporary quarters in October.

Last night's episode of Law and Order: SVU concerned fraternities. CSI also had an episode about fraternity hazing during its first season. In the CSI episode, raw meat was shoved down the pledge's throat and he choked on it. The fraternity covered it up. In the Law and Order episode, a frat brother was killed after allegedly sodomizing a pledge. The pledge who killed the frat brother was played by Elden Henson, best known for playing Fulton Reed in the Mighty Ducks movies and for being Kieran Culkin's big friend in Freak the Mighty.

I have this morbid fascination for shows like Law and Order: SVU and CSI. They often feature gruesome, disturbing crimes, crimes that I could not imagine people actually committing--although I can imagine people imagining how to undertake said crimes.

Why do I enjoy these? Sometimes I come across episodes that leave me with a heavy heart or with a sickened feeling; but still I insist on watching. Aside from the detective story leading to the solution of each crime, I think these satisfy a certain morbid curiosity in me that would not be healthy would it be applicable to real life. There is that gnawing sense of what-if, and then finally, I'm-glad-not.

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