Wednesday, June 02, 2004

in pictures

FROM May 29 to June 19, New York-based photographers Joaquin Arrastia, Isa Lorenzo and Pinky Ibarra-Urmaza will hold an exhibit, titled "To Illuminate," at The Drawing Room (Metrostar Bldg., 1007 Metropolitan Ave., Makati City).

The exhibiting photographers are graduates of the International Center of Photography in New York. Call +63 2 897-6990.

Pinky is also my high school classmate and one of the nicest people I know. The opening last Saturday was like a high school reunion, with Mr. & Mrs. dG, A and her baby, C with chef R, the beauty, the writer, the Singapore-based lawyer, the Ilongga businesswoman, Bespren J, and plain old me.

Amid the bustle and the small talk, I did get to speak to a photographer who was a member of the Camera Club of the Philippines--this guy was really good, he could tell that Jake had taken his pictures with a digital camera (albeit a really good one) and he had comments on the various pictures. He told us about the stringent requirements of the Camera Club. I think I'll just stick to taking this as a hobby, although I'm quite interested in taking classes.

Furthermore I was able to at least steal glances at the pictures amidst the throng. Pinky's and Isa's pictures were similar, black and white pictures that were able to capture the essence of their subjects--but mostly inanimate ojects. Some of the most striking pictures were Isa's picture of reflections on glass baubles and Pinky's picture from the base of a statue looking up.

I need to visit the exhibit again, without the crowd. I think that I'll be able to digest the pictures more that way. I shan't, however, be able to buy anything, because I am really just strapped for cash. Maybe my walls can just be decorated by my own pictures. Is that so far off to wonder about that? (Okay, maybe I can just knock off some pictures from Kai.)

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