Monday, August 25, 2003

Reign of Terror

It's starting again, the robberies and kidnappings. It seems to be a cycle, gaining momentum and culminating every election season. Of course I have no hard evidence (ah, that CSI would be believable in a Filipino setting) that corrupt politicos are behind this particular crime but it seems to be the default notion to close to campaign period. Because they'll be needing the money, of course: it takes money to win elections. Would that this weren't true. But we live in the Philippines.

I was brought up to love my country and my father has always vowed that he would never leave the land of his birth. But right now he's almost prodding us to try and find work and relocate abroad.

Sometimes I am afraid--because I was born female; because I am in the middle class, a bit removed from poverty but still not in the power circle; because we may be targetted because of our family name when after all we are the poor relations; because lawbreakers don't excuse good people just trying hard to earn their keep from their rounds; because I am, to a large degree, helpless.

And so we live in interesting times.

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