Monday, August 18, 2003

Over the weekend

    Am grateful for
  • Friday evenings with coffee and close friends (and wedding paraphernalia)
  • Saturday lunch badminton
  • girlfriends
  • baptisms and weddings which serve as mini-reunions
  • sisters with whom you get along more as the years go by
  • guy friends with whom I can still have movie dates
  • CSI's first season on DVD

    Too bad
  • rains stopped me from seeing an old friend last Saturday; although the rains were heavy for only a short amount of time, our cute barangay is in one of the low-lying areas of the metro and alas! we were flooded in.
  • after so long, I don't like the feeling of watching movies by myself anymore, although this was the case most of the time around '99-'00.
  • someone watched LXG na! :(

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